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Cartographic Materials: A Manual of Interpretation for AACR2, 2002 Revision, Second Edition plus 2004 Update

Prepared by the Anglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials
Elizabeth Mangan (Editor)

8.5" x 11"
400 loose leaf pages with binder and tabs (includes new 2004 Update)
ISBN: 0-8389-3539-2
© 2003

Cartographic Materials

The dramatic revisions in the 2002 Revision of Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, second edition, combined with the latest changes in digital cartographic publishing, mean that librarians need up-to-date examples, applications, and policies for these materials. Cartographic Materials continues to be the essential companion to AACR2 for map catalogers. This classic, authoritative guide to cataloging cartographic materials has now been revised and expanded to reflect current AACR2 terminology and additional forms of cartographic materials.

Some of the highlights of Cartographic Materials include the following:

  • Interpretation of new rules for digital geospatial data
  • A new appendix on digital cartography and digital geospatial information to assist in identifying and describing cartographic resources
  • Guidance on describing early cartographic material, especially atlases, from Description Cataloging of Rare Books (LC)
  • Expanded Glossary incorporating terms relating to cartography and map production
  • New Appendix dealing with cartographic serials and integrating resources, incorporating applicable rules from AACR2 revised chapter 12
  • Revised and expanded indexes on choice of entry, scale and coordinates, and series and sets

Cartographic Materials is a must-have for institutions with substantial cartographic holdings and national agencies charged with creating bibliographic records for cartographic materials, but it is also an essential resource for catalogers who have no specialized knowledge of cartographic materials and who need more guidance than that provided in AACR2.

About the Author(s)

Elizabeth U. Mangan served as editor for this edition. She recently retired from the Library of Congress where she was Head of Technical Services, Geography and Map Division.

The Anglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials is composed of institutions and associations who deal with the collection and description of cartographic materials in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Institutional members include the British Library, the Library of Congress, the National Archives of Canada, the National Library of Australia, the National Library of Canada, and the National Library of New Zealand. Ten association members are national and regional library and/or cartographic associations from all five countries. Representatives from member institutions and associations are recognized experts on bibliographic control of cartographic materials.

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